This page lists the main contributors to OpenCollar in alphabetical order, along with brief descriptions of the contributions they have made. Anyone who has been invited as a member of this Google Code site may (and should) edit this page and add a section about him or herself.

If you’re at a loss for what to write, try thinking in terms of 1) things you have done (created, scripted, animated, etc.) and 2) things that you do (documentation writing, bug fixing). Don’t be afraid to list something small if you think it’s neat (like if you made a particular collar design or plugin or animation that you’re proud of).

Contributors after the two founders, Nandana Singh and Athaliah Opus, are listed in alphabetical order.


  • Athaliah Opus
    Co-founded the OpenCollar project.
    Owner of OpenCollar and of offical groups in SL.
    Primary project overall designs and contact
    Provided OpenCollar’s first home on her own land.
    Coordinates the addition of new people to the OpenCollar distributor network.
    Release Manager on past releases
    Guides new feature development and long term plans Escalation of bugs
    Reviews new collar designs and offical collar designs
    Contact for new Distributors and vendor boards
    Management for OpenCollar scriptors and contributors

  • Nandana Singh
    Co-founded the OpenCollar project.
    Retired back to RL
    Scripted first versions of OpenCollar.
    Designed major OpenCollar subsystems (authentication, database, menus, updates, etc.)
    Wrote database backend on Google App Engine.
    Created first OpenCollar designs.
    Recruited new developers to the project.
    Fixed bugs.
    Guided new feature development.
    Occasionally contributed new collar designs.


  • Alexei Maven & Jessenia Mocha
    Redesigned/Updated the Owner Hud & SubAO
    Managed updates for the Owner Hud & SubAO
    Troubleshooting & bug fixing for all OC products
    Texture/Script modification of the Temple games
    Temple Helper

  • Asami Imako ([AiTech])
    Numerous collar design contributions:
    Spiked Collar
    Steel Collar
    Posture Collar
    Cage Collar
    Heavy Strap Collar
    Leather Studded & Spiked Collar Lock & Chain Collar Precision Crafted Pet Collar Submissive Heart Collar

    Resource contributions:
    Numerous random textures
    Simple rename script
    Sculpted Heart lock

  • Betsy Hastings
    Spider Collar
    Chastity Belt
    Tongue Clamp
    OC Force Sit Ball
    Various Cages contained in Prototype of the HUD Cage Rezzer
    Design, Build and Textures for the New Temple

  • Cleo Collins
    Bug fixer
    Bell script
    Lead coder and updating for OC Cuffs
    Google App Engine programmer and admin
    Amazing, awesome, and overachiever in scripting the dist vendor boards.

  • Cuillin Morane
    User Help
    Group Moderation

  • Eva Ryan
    User Help
    Group Moderation

  • Feline Dagger
    Numerous collar design contributions:
    Kirsten Collar
    Chained Passions
    Barbed Flowers (retired)
    Tag Collar
    Slave Nosering (Puzzle Vendor) Temple Helpslave
    Nan and Athy’s pita :P
    Offers custom collars upon request

  • Garvin Twine
    Scripter Developer
    Developed OpenCollar V. 6

  • Jane1066
    User Help

  • Joy Stipe
    Abnormal collar design contributions:
    Behavior Modification Chip
    Li’l Pony Bridle
    Bug fixer
    Customizable Particle System (leash)
    Garbler script

  • Kurt Burleigh
    Bug fixer

  • Master Starship
    Bug fixer
    Timer script
    Web Interface
    Google App Engine programmer and admin

  • Medea Destiny Scripter V 3.9, V 8.2 Developer Overhaul RLV Restrictions menus, Undress,

  • Melfina Marshdevil
    Created the Teleport Restriction Plugin
    Issue tracker organizer
    Keeps SVN updated
    Started http-in project and collarcmds lookup service for appengine
    Provides help and support to users and developers alike
    Minor bug fixing and new features

  • Ping Duffield Assist in Testing and Development of V 8.2. and OC AddOn Cuffs. Builds Cuffs and other AddOns Directs Beta Testing Team.

  • Rowena Bookmite
    User Help

  • Sandra Merilouto
    Tries to find Satomi’s bugs
    Checks if she indeed fixed them
    Does “Amazing” work on keeping OpenCollar up to date and too many things to list here

  • Satomi Ahn
    #RLV subfolder browsing system
    Implemented a RLV multi-device relay and integrated it in OpenCollar
    Various improvements, in particular in RLV related features
    Gives work to Sandra and fixes old bugs
    Works on making RLV fun for the collars and implamenting new RLV commands

  • Silkie Sabra
    Group Moderation
    User Help

  • Summer Seale
    Two collar designs (Midsummer Night and Summer Leaf)
    Created the divans for the HQ.
    Various other help and testing for Nandana Singh
    All around amazing, incredible, and very cute to look at and keep around.
    Nandana Singh’s hot little sex slave.

  • Takat Su Scripter
    Contributed Name2Key functionality

  • Tashia Redrose Scripter, V 7.3-8.1. Contributor of many new scripts and animations. Built Weld functionality, AddOns capability, Addons and Apps public domain templates.

  • Wendy Starfall
    Compiled collars
    Managed vendors
    Scripter Contribution of past collar designs She managed OpenCollar for several years in trust of the founding directors. Scripted and oversaw the development of the current OpenCollar multi-prim core architecture.
    And many other things, as there are way too many contributions to put all in one list.

    (Currently owns VirtualDisgrace).

People who have helped us

This is a list of people who have helped us in some way. They are listed in no order.

Master Huldschinsky (retired but using silentwar Resident now)
Heather Calamity
AndreaGabriela Reggiane
Marine Kelley
Executor Magic

And many more - please contact so we can add more to this page. And yes, we do thank everyone on this page, and we do thank for their hard work, regardless of current issues.