OpenCollar Social Partners:

  • OpenCollar Theater at KBar West
    Hosts Judge Kurt Burleigh and roan (Silkie Sabra)
    The OpenCollar Theater at KBar West is a skybox useful for classes and performances as well as chat and collar help. KBar West is a Western themed BDSM roleplay sim with plenty of room for chat and discussion. Under the Proprietorship of Judge Kurt Burleigh, KBar West is an associate member of Freedom Continent and has contributed to OpenCollar since 2010. Send questions to roan (Silkie Sabra), Judge Kurt Burleigh’s scribe and janitor.

OpenCollar Official Partners - notecard sent in OpenCollar group 12/23/2017

OpenCollar offers the Official Partners program for people who wish to host a publicly accessible space for social events with free OpenCollar partner vendors nearby. Official Partners are listed on a page on the OpenCollar website/wiki, and we’ll refer users to that page when they inquire about where to find OpenCollar Social Events and/office hours for troubleshooting office hours.

Also, since OpenCollar’s goal is to help the community, events like “How to use your collar 101”, “Simple troubleshooting events by OC staff” at a random social location, and “Exploring your kink while using OpenCollar items” events are planned to be announced at the locations in the future.

To qualify as an OpenCollar Official Partner, collar designers and distributors agree to the following:


  1. Place the official vendors in a publicly accessible parcel with no ban lines and no prior restrictions to access except for cause or TOS violations such as age play.
  2. The locations should still not be used to advertise for a particular merchant giving the appearance of OpenCollar approval for that brand as being endorsed by OpenCollar. Do not host vendors for OpenCollar products that fail to meet the standards for OpenCollar Designers.

( A full sim is a must for the owner, as neighbor issues can occur because of lag and being unable to allow sim resources sharing between neighbors into smaller parcels size can cause issues. )

  1. Provide a space for social conversation, as well as free OpenCollar products. No paid items within the area of the social area, but a single teleporter to the main area is best. This is another why we recommend having the area in the sky to reduce lag for the social location.
    (The reason for this is that we don’t wish to confuse people that are looking for a free collar as well as help with OpenCollar questions. Free OpenCollar scripted collars by other designers are allowed in this area, as the more choices for the community, the better. However, Items for sale can not be on the same area.)

  2. Use common sense as the land owner while keeping the areas free from abuse. Suggested rules are to have rules about obeying the TOS, and that common sense is key at the social partner location. Please expect a large amount of traffic that fluctuates due to events, talks, troubleshooting events and traffic whims.


  1. Name and inworld location SLURL listed on OpenCollar’s Official social location page.
  2. An initial announcement to the OpenCollar group that you’ve been made an Official Partner social location, with the OpenCollar staff announcing random locations for events as they occur.
  3. The right to use the “OpenCollar Official Social Location” keywords in the description of your in-world parcel.
  4. OpenCollar staff will work with you if you wish to give talks, events or even simple 1 hour troubleshooting times at the location. Those events will be announced in the group, with some of them set up with scheduled times.

Thank you for your help with making OpenCollar community even better in SL.


Cut and paste the text below onto a notecard. Name the notecard “OpenCollar Official Partners - [your user name]. Fill out the form on the notecard and send it to Athaliah Opus, OpenCollar Social Partner Coordinator. Please have the area already set up for a basic area, with the OpenCollar Partners vendor placed before contact.

DISTRIBUTORS AND DESIGNERS: SecondLife Name/Username: Secondlife Avatar UUID: Inworld Location SLURL of the social location:

Other shops or business’s on the same land and their name:

  • Designers and hosts may be removed from the list if they fail to meet any of the above specifications. A Designer is also a Distributor if they have an OpenCollar vendor placed on their land.