Visit any of the SLURLs below to get a copy of the current OpenCollar, or an updater to bring your existing collar up to date. The slurls are as close as possible to the vendor; you may have to use Area Search or follow the red map arrow to get there from a fixed landing point. Looking for a unique collar design? Go here: Design Partners
How Do I Apply to be a Distributor or Design Partner? Look here! Application

Look for this image on the vendor:


Aisha Marshdevil, Noxia
Dark Urban Fantasy Roleplay, CCS enabled

Aisha Marshdevil, Rubber Kingdom
Fetish, Rubber, Bondage, Dungeons, Roleplay playground

Annarussianmiss, Anna’s House of Bondage and Slave Storage
Bondage roleplay, slave storage, maid service, rubber dolls

AussiePaul, You’re Glowing Maternity Clinic
Pregnancy and medical rp
((Vendor is 30m East of landing point, inside the blue house))

Blaise Tomsen, Second Life Railroad
Advisory The vendor is accessible from the Protected Land on the Railroad

Broken Swords, Valnor
Female Dominated Medieval themed Fantasy Roleplay (RLV & GM enforced)

Casey Wardark, The Compass
Shop and Hangout

Castallia Maskalyne, S. A. G. (Slave Auction Group)
Slave Auctions

BDSM Pervertion RLV
Playground, Hunt Roleplay

Celestrea Vasiliov, Sensual Delights Slave Auction
Auction, Shops, BDSM Roleplay
Advisory This vendor is in a medieval shop building 100m SW of the fixed landing point.

Cissy March, Sweet Domination Palace Shop

Countrycat Furse, Defilers
Urban Roleplay

Crickett Booker, Dark Side Clubhouse

Cutiebound, Palm Mountain
Prison Roleplay

Dolma Dollinger, Latex Fetish Mall
Shopping Mall

Dracco Cela, The Enclave
Gorean Club and roleplay
Advisory Landing is open to all, the rest of the roleplay area is members only

Elizabeth Boissay, Hypnotropolis

Gatatem, Caged Elegance
BDSM Sim and Club

girlymp, Poppy’s Hangout

Harley Miklos, Tethered BDSM

HaydenPryce, Xaara
D/s Community, Art Gallery and Theater

Joshuua Barenhaut, Prisoners of Darkness Slave Auction
Playground, Slave Auctions

Kathy Hoyes, Slave Land
Slave Auction and Matching Service ((From the landing point walk West about 20m))

Kittin Ninetails, Ninetails

Mileia Dubrovna, Milena Doll Creations
Shop, Playground and Club
((Walk East into the main shop all the way to the back then turn left. About 100m))

Modernprimitive, Lo Kajirus Designs
Shop for Male Slaves

Monk Xenno, Desert Land of Nom
Arab Themed Slave Auction and Training

Morris Mixmaster, Sensual Camping
Club, Nude Beach

Nadyah Nightfire, SheMale Lovers Cave
Shemale Club

Nerk Nexen, M&M Dungeon
Playground, Chat, Dungeon Roleplay
((Walk South from landing point about 30m to reach these coordinates))

Nicooh Magic, Port of Senses
Maledom BDSM Club

Rocketroo, Bad Bunneh
Shop featuring clothing, jewelry, furniture

Safra Nitely, Darkwing-Barns Stables
pony girl and pet play

Serjourn Daxter, Pirandello Bay
Sim wide dungeon on 7 levels with some of SL’s greatest RLV toys ((Walk South from landing point and turn left inside the shop building, about 43m))

Seth Ock, Griseus Farms
roleplay for human livestock, medical play, and alien abductions

Shan Bright, Bright Corporation
Adult shop offering free collars, products and services for all aspects of Second Life
Adult Shop:

Silkie Sabra
K-Bar West (Western themed D/s roleplay)
RLV Communities Free Zone, Dance Hall and Sandbox
Mainland Shop
Bondage Ranch (Hangout, Hunting Ground, BDSM roleplay)

Susann DeCuir, Angel of Pain
Deutsch / English BDSM Playground

Sylta Marabana, S&W Playground

Toy Wylie, Wylieville, Toy’s Toys
Inworld Playground and Shop

Weard Welty, Xegul
Roleplay, RLV Playground

Windrunner Shan, Fusion by the Sea
Beach, Sailing, Blake Sea Access

OpenCollar Partners Application Form

Want to receive an OpenCollar Vendor and get on this list? Copy the text below to a notecard and send it to Silkie Sabra inworld.

OpenCollar Official Partners

OpenCollar offers the Official Partners program for people who wish to host a publicly accessible OpenCollar vendor.. Official Partners are listed on a page on the OpenCollar website/wiki, and we’ll refer users to that page when they inquire about where to find OpenCollar-based products.

To qualify as an OpenCollar Official Partner, collar distributors agree to the following*:


  1. Place the vendor in a publicly accessible parcel with no ban lines and no prior restrictions to access except for cause or TOS violations such as age play.
  2. Do not host vendors for OpenCollar products that fail to meet the standards for Designers (see below).
  3. If an official OpenCollar Partner also distributes house or privately produced collars with altered scripts or settings, the collars must comply with the OpenCollar license where applicable. The modifications must be clearly marked and wearers informed.


  1. Name and inworld location SLURL listed on OpenCollar’s Official Partners page.
  2. An initial announcement to the OpenCollar group that you’ve been made an Official Partner.
  3. The right to use the “OpenCollar Official Partner” name in the description of your inworld parcel.


If you would like to sign up for the Official Partners program, please make a notecard named “OpenCollar Official Partners Application - (your user name)”, and include the information indicated below. Then pass it to Silkie Sabra, OpenCollar Partners Coordinator.


SecondLife Username:

  • The User Name

Secondlife Avatar UUID:

  • The Avatar UUID is your key or the string of characters at the top of your profile.

Inworld Location SLURL:

  • The SLURL should be to the spot you plan to rez the vendor, even if your sim has a fixed landing point.
Name and brief description of your sim: Playground Roleplay Shop Club Sandbox Other
  • Distributors may be removed from the list if they fail to meet any of the above specifications.