Visit any of the SLURLs below to get a copy of the current OpenCollar, or an updater to bring your existing collar up to date. The slurls are as close as possible to the vendor; you may have to use Area Search or follow the red map arrow to get there from a fixed landing point. Looking for a unique collar design? Go here: Design Partners
How Do I Apply to be a Distributor or Design Partner? Look here! Application

Look for this image on the vendor:


Annarussianmiss, Anna’s House of Bondage and Slave Storage
bondage roleplay, slave storage, maid service, rubber dolls

Broken Swords, Valnor
Female Dominated Medieval themed Fantasy Roleplay (RLV & GM enforced)

Cindy Evanier, Kix Erotix
Shopping Mall
Advisory Clothing is required in shop.

Cissy March, Sweet Domination Palace
BDSM Playground and meeting space

Countrycat Furse, The Moustrap at Warehouse
Urban Roleplay

Crickett Booker, Dark Side Clubhouse

Cutiebound, Palm Mountain
Prison Roleplay

Dianna Loxely, SM-Garten, Freedom Continent
German BDSM Community, RP and Playground

Dolma Dollinger, Latex Fetish Mall
Shopping Mall

Dracco Cela, The Enclave
Gorean Club and roleplay
Advisory Landing is open to all, the rest of the roleplay area is members only

Ebonfire Harbinger, Furry Breeding Ground
Furry Hangout

Gatatem, Caged Elegance
BDSM Sim and Club

girlyimp, Poppy’s Hangout

HarperLabatt, Misogyne Club
Maledom Roleplay

HaydenPryce, Xaara
D/s Community, Art Gallery and Theater

Inushafan4, StickIt Sex Sim
Playground, Club

Jyll1, Lighthouse Events
Adult Party Planners

Julian Balestra, ToYs R USed: First GAY silent AFK SeXperience by Bro’ Mania
Gay Male AFK Sex Park
Advisory Vendor area is public, Park is Gay Males Only

Kathy Hoyes, Slave Land
Slave Auction and Matching Service

keuschezofe, Angels of Pain
BDSM Hangout, Femdom, Pony Play

Lydiaelle, S&L Storage Facility
Bondage Cages, RLV Playground

Mileia Dubrovna, Milena Doll Creations
Shop, Playground and Club

Mslarah, Larah’s Playground
Club and RLV Playground

Nerk Nexen, M&M Dungeon
Playground, Chat, Dungeon Roleplay

seekingu, Breeder’s Forest
Breeding and milking RP

Serjourn Daxter, Pirandello Bay
Sim wide dungeon on 7 levels with some of SL’s greatest RLV toys

Seth Ock, Griseus Farms
roleplay for human livestock, medical play, and alien abductions

Shan Bright, Bright Corporation
Adult shop offering free collars, products and services for all aspects of Second Life
Adult Shop:

Silkie Sabra, K-Bar West
Western themed D/s roleplay
RLV Communities Free Zone, Dance Hall and Sandbox
Mainland Shop

sunderezz / Rosa Hunter, Divine Sadism Femdom
BDSM training/education/lifestyle, Femdom.

Susan Caerndow, Dangerous Desires
Playground, Hangout, Themed Roleplay

Sylta Marabana, Lausanne

Sxybytch, Erotic Rose BDSM Playground
Playground and Club

TCDJohn, The Dunes Beach Resort
Gay Male Playground and Club

Toy Wylie, Wylieville, Toy’s Toys
Inworld Playground and Shop

Weard Welty, Xegul
Roleplay, RLV Playground

Windrunner Shan, Fusion by the Sea
Beach, Sailing, Blake Sea Access

List of Design Partners

These distributors not only give out the free OpenCollar release, but also sell their own OpenCollar-powered creations. If you’re a designer who would like to be featured in this list, paste the application form below into a notecard, fill it out, and send it to Silkie Sabra inworld.

Animaldj, CODEX
BDSM Style Fashion and Accessories from 200L to 450L
Inworld shop:

AnnarussianMiss, Anna’s Bondage Shop Mainstore
High quality 3D bondage erotic graphics, bondage collars, shackles, hoods, masks and other restraints from 100L to 450L
Inworld shop:

Cara Lionheart, Hidden Serenity
Shops, Club, Racetrack
Inworld shop:
Mesh collars from free to 150L
Marketplace: Bound Infinity

Celestrea Vasiliov, PoD Slave Auction
Slave Auction roleplay
Advisory Vendor near landing point. Use the teleporter to the “rezz area” and look for the Market building to find more free designs.
OpenCollar scripted accessories 99-299L
Inworld Roleplay and shop: Cele’Sations

Cissy March, CM Creations
Elegant Collars for men, women and hucows from 49 - 299L
Inworld Shop

crashnoww, RealEvil Industries
Modern and classic female and male collars, high quality 100% original mesh, ranging from 199 to 599L
Inworld Shop

Cynianne Hellershanks, Accents Design
OC Collars and Scripted Jewelry starting at 199L

Emdragon, Emerald Dust
Collar Accessories

Gatatem, Habib Creations
Free designer collars
Inworld Shop

GiannaArmani, Fapple
Cute but subtle and realistic themed collars. Original mesh and textures with texture hud. 250L plus 5% group discount.
Inworld Shop

Jamie Brokken, Brokken Industries
Different designs at affordable price, 600L
Inworld shop:

Kristen Minx, Kristen’s
Elegant Texture Change collars and integrated cuff sets, 399L
Inworld Shop:

Lasynda Shichiroji, Dragonfyre Designs
Simple Styled Collars for both men and women, free and 100L
Inworld Shop:

Liviadonata, Livia
BDSM Fashion and OpenCollar scripted accessories from 99 - 150L

Lukai Zufreur, Sergaltech Industries
Roleplay, Lifestyle Seminars, Shop
Inworld Shop:

Peebee McMillan, PBM Enterprises and [maXplicit]
collars and bondage toys for men
Inworld Shops (Moderate)

Psychobabble, Psychobabble Studios
Free full permission “Stealth” collar

Shan Bright, Bright Corporation
Free copy trans collar and many other products
Inworld Shop:
Bright Corporation web site:

Silent Alchemi, Birth
Skins, Tattoos, Jewelry
Original mesh collar designs ca. 250L Inworld Shop

Taylor Paine, Taylor’s Toys
Alien style collars and traps 50 - 300L
Inworld Shop

Willow Redstar, Willow’s Weakness
Collars, clothing and sundries under 200L
Inworld Shop

xxsaltandpepperxx, Salt & Pepper and The Birdcage
Inworld Shops
classic feminine styles, high quality mesh, pricing around 500L

OpenCollar Partners Application Form

Want to receive an OpenCollar Vendor and get on this list? Copy the text below to a notecard and send it to Silkie Sabra inworld.

OpenCollar Official Partners

OpenCollar offers the Official Partners program for people who wish to host a publicly accessible OpenCollar vendor.. Official Partners are listed on a page on the OpenCollar website/wiki, and we’ll refer users to that page when they inquire about where to find OpenCollar-based products.

To qualify as an OpenCollar Official Partner, collar designers and distributors agree to the following*:



  1. Place the vendor in a publicly accessible parcel with no ban lines and no prior restrictions to access except for cause or TOS violations such as age play.
  2. Do not host vendors for OpenCollar products that fail to meet the standards for Designers (see below).


  1. Name and inworld location SLURL listed on OpenCollar’s Official Partners page.
  2. An initial announcement to the OpenCollar group that you’ve been made an Official Partner.
  3. The right to use the “OpenCollar Official Partner” name in the description of your inworld parcel.



  1. All the requirements for distributors above
  2. Keep your OpenCollar branded products up to date with official releases made to the OpenCollar group.
  3. Provide technical support to your own customers.
  4. Leave the “modify” permission enabled on your OpenCollar products so users can customize and debug them.


  1. All the above benefits to Distributors plus:
  2. The right to use the OpenCollar Official Partner graphic on your complying products. Please contact Silkie Sabra inworld with proof of your updated OpenCollar scripted device to receive the textures.
  3. Your Marketplace URL listed on the Official Partners page.
  4. The right to use the “OpenCollar Official Partner” name in the descriptions of your complying products on the Second Life Marketplace.


If you would like to sign up for the Official Partners program, please append your avatar name to this notecard’s name (ie, “OpenCollar Official Partners - Somebody Resident”), and fill out the form below. Then pass it to Silkie Sabra, OpenCollar Partners Coordinator.


SecondLife Name/Username:

Secondlife Avatar UUID:

Inworld Location SLURL:

Name and brief description of your sim: Playground Roleplay Shop Club Sandbox Other


Marketplace Storefront URL:

Creator/Shop Name:

Version of OpenCollar in your products:

Brief description of your styles and price range:

  • Designers and hosts may be removed from the list if they fail to meet any of the above specifications. A Designer is also a Distributor if they have an OpenCollar vendor placed on their land.