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OpenCollar (OC) is a set of scripts for a D/s collar as used in Second Life. Unlike most other collars, however, OpenCollar is open source. You can read more about what that means at the Open Source Initiative. We provide a basic stock collar containing the open source scripts and full permission resources. The collar model is not transferable but the contents may be copied, modified, and transferred.

You are free to copy and redistribute the OC scripts, provided that you leave them full permission.
Read the entire OpenCollar License in the notecard accompanying the scripts.

OpenCollar uses a modular architecture. There is a set of core scripts required to operate the collar. You can add your own apps, animations and other contents, or delete scripts you don’t require. See the list below for each menu.

How Can I Tell if I’m Running an Official OpenCollar Release

  • Please report any bugs you find or feature requests to the OpenCollar bug tracker at Here.
  • Missing the page or information you need? Anyone can make or change a page by posting HERE and submitting as a pull request.

Index / Table of Contents

General Information

Manual Pages for Standard Apps

Build Your Own Collar

Manual Pages for Extra Apps and AddOns Available on Git or at OpenCollar Headquarters




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