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OpenCollar (OC) offers a set of scripts for a D/s collar similar to other scripted collars in Second Life. Unlike most other collars, however, OpenCollar is open source. You can read more about what that means at the [Open Source Initiative](https://opensource.org/osd-annotated). You are free to copy and redistribute the OC scripts, provided that you leave them full perms. Read the entire OpenCollar License in the notecard accompanying the scripts. OpenCollar has been continuously operating since 2008 to provide our open source scripts contained in a working collar model free to the BDSM Community of Second Life.

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  • github houses our repository of source code for all our scripts and resources !

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Dateline 10 April, 2020.
OpenCollar V 7.5 is in! You can see the Release Notes here. OpenCollar V 7.5 should be named OpenCollar V 7.4.1 but due to naming restrictions left over from V6 days we can’t name it that. So V 7.5 it is. V 7.5 includes a bug fix to the force sit and could not wait to be released.

New in OpenCollar V 7.4:

  • Included, integrated HUD relay.
  • Many changes in RLV to make adding and removing items and outfits easier than ever !
  • All individual restrictions are now available through the RLV menu.
  • Restriction “Macros” can be customized.
  • Detach and Outfits are now in the Apps menu.
  • ALL SCRIPTS ARE NOW IN THE ROOT PRIM. For Builders ! No more fussy linked prim architecture! For Editors ! Easy drag and drop additions to animations and apps.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the change in the build, it will not be possible to roll back to 7.3 and before without use of the collarizer. Use a copiable collar to make your changes.


OpenCollar exists to support people exploring submission and domination in Second Life and other virtual worlds. It is nonprofit and volunteer driven. The project builds, maintains, distributes and supports these scripts and the community that uses them. We encourage creation by users as well as designers. We encourage learning by examining the scripts and building with them. We encourage people to share their skills with others. Any user or developer is welcome to use our work as long as they abide by the license and pass on the same permissions they received.

How you can help

Please report any bugs you find or feature requests to the OpenCollar bug tracker at our issues page. Find the source code at our github.

OpenCollar Headquarters

OpenCollar help can be found at our Headquarters. Also see the following for our lists of partners and applications to become one!

  • Distributors – Please visit our official Distributors for OpenCollar vendors and so much more!
  • Designers – For wonderful designers, and an impressive list of creators, visit our Design Partners!

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