As founders of the OpenCollar project, we (Athaliah Opus and Nandana Singh) feel that now is an important time to reiterate the project’s commitment to its founding values of openness and community. We are extremely grateful for the service that Wendy has given to the project over the years, but are concerned about blurred lines between OpenCollar, the free and open source project, and VirtualDisgrace, the for-profit brand.

We are taking this opportunity to clearly separate the two organizations.

Wendy and Otto are no longer owners of this group. VirtualDisgrace now operates by the same rules as any other third party designer. Anyone is free to sell products containing OpenCollar scripts, distribute them at their own hangout, contribute improvements to the code, or fork the codebase according to the terms of OpenCollar’s GPL license. However, no one but the owners of this group may designate official OpenCollar releases, products, or locations.

We are working on putting a free, full perms, and easy-to-use release on the Second Life Marketplace. We are still deciding whether to maintain an inworld location.

Most of all, we’re grateful for OpenCollar’s dozens of contributors and thousands upon thousands of users. You have made this project what it is.


Athaliah Opus and Nandana Singh