Hi all, I want to give a quick note about two things.

Thank You

Since the ownership changes a few weeks ago, Athy and I have had dozens of personal IMs from people expressing their support for the direction that we’re taking OpenCollar. This has made a difficult process a lot more bearable. Even better are all the people who are giving hours out of their days to help with coding, testing, documentation, and other tasks. That support is humbling. We’re going to have a really great 7.0 release, really soon.

Be Excellent To Each Other

It’s natural for people to be drawn to conflict. People love a fight. They even like to egg people on, or pick a side and revel in some righteous indignation while trying to tear the other side down. When it comes to OpenCollar, I hope we can all resist that temptation. I’ve heard second hand reports of a couple people causing trouble at the VirtualDisgrace team’s hangout or in their group. I don’t know if those kind of people read group notices, but I want to say emphatically that that is not what we’re about, here. If you want to promote or defend OpenCollar, find a way to do it with kindness, patience, and even love. We’re not here to fight. We’re here to build something great for Second Life.