The Access Menu

Access is the OpenCollar ownership tool. There is a cap of 28 avatars across all named Access levels: Owner, Trusted, Blocked, and Temp Owner.


Owners have the highest rank of access on the collar. The collar access, exceptions, lock, leash and some RLV functions are sensitive to rank. Once an owner is set, unless OwnSelf is checked, the wearer can no longer use the access menu or add exceptions or unlock the collar. Also the wearer cannot unleash from an owner without safewording.


When checked this retains the wearer on the owner list even after an owner is set. Any other owner can uncheck it, removing the wearer from the owner list.

[prefix] OwnSelf on
[prefix] OwnSelf off

If you want to change the name of OwnSelf to something else:

[prefix] flavor [new name]

+/- Owner

Adds and removes Owners. Only owners can add and remove owners, and wearer if OwnSelf is checked. Limit three owners. The UUID is the “key”–string of characters at the top of the inworld user profile. Enter the UUID to add or remove an owner remotely.

[prefix] add owner [user name or UUID]
[prefix] rm owner [user name or UUID]


Trusted gives named individuals the same level of access as Public and Group. Trusted cannot change the Access menu but do outrank the wearer on the leash. This is the function formerly known as “secondary owner” or “secowner”.

[prefix] add trust [name or UUID]
[prefix] rm trust [name or UUID]


Checking Public gives anyone limited access to your collar, including the leash, animations, bookmarks and force sit.

[prefix] public on
[prefix] public off
[prefix] limit range on/off : limits range for public access.


To set Group, first activate the desired group, then check Group in the Access menu. Group members with the group active will then have public / trusted level access. NOTE the collar restricts activating a different group if the wearer has group access checked. To change groups, first uncheck group access. Then activate a different group.

[prefix] group on
[prefix] group off

Access List

Sends a readout of the list of owners and other access settings to chat. Available to owner and wearer only.

[prefix] list


This allows the collar only to block named avatars from using the collar. Use sparingly since this also adds to the memory consumption of the script.

Add to the Blocklist: [prefix] add block [name or UUID]
Remove from the Blocklist: [prefix] rm block [name or UUID]


This command wipes the owner list and returns all collar settings to default.

AUTH=norun~0 to disable runaway in Settings.


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