The Leash Menu

The Leash is keyed to access rank. Public Access, Group Access, and Trusted cannot take the leash if the wearer is leashed to the Owner. If OwnSelf is unchecked, the wearer cannot unleash herself from any rank of access without using the collar safeword. If the wearer initiates the leash using Pass, the wearer can unleash.

To call the leash menu:

[prefix] leashmenu


Grabs the wearer’s leash

[prefix] grab or [prefix] leash


Calls a menu of nearby objects to which the wearer can be leashed

[prefix] anchor


Calls a menu of nearby avatars to whom the leash can be passed. When selected, the avatar gets a request.

[prefix] pass


Operates the leash in exactly the same way but without the visible particle chain.

[prefix] follow


Sets the length of the leash in meters. 1 meter is the minimum length, 20 meters is the maximum.

[prefix] length [number]


In this menu you can change the texture of the leash particles, and also set rlv restrictions on the leashed avatar.

Customizing note You can add your own textures to the leash. There are two classes of texture, Classic and Ribbon. Rename your texture starting with either !ribbon or !classic plus one character such as a space or underline, followed by your custom texture name as you want it to appear on a button; for instance, !ribbon_rope will show up in the Leash > Configure menu as “Rope”. Drop the renamed texture into the root prim which also contains the oc_particle script. There is a limit of one extra button each for a custom ribbon and a custom classic particle texture.


When checked, sets tp restrictions on the wearer when leashed (owner is exempted by default).
Strict leash setting: LEASH=Strict~1/0,503 . The three digit number at the end is the integer denoting the access rank of who set Strict. “503” is the Wearer rank.
Restrictions include:

fartouch (unable to touch objects whose center is more than 1m distant)
fly (unable to fly)
tplm (cannot teleport to a landmark)
tploc (cannot teleport to a map location or click teleport to a point in the region)
tplure (cannot accept a tplure)


Toggles shine on and off, requires Advanced Lighting to view the effect


When checked forces the wearer to turn toward the leasher

Chain | Silk

These settings set chain and silk texture on the leash particles


When checked turns off the leash particles. See Follow in the leash menu.


In this menu you can change the size and weight of the leash. Bigger | Smaller changes the size of the particles; Heavier | Lighter changes the arc of the particles.


Here you can select the desired color of the leash particles.


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