The OpenCollar Turbo relay is an integrated HUD attachment. It is linked to the collar to give collar owners access to the Relay settings and prevent the collar wearer from changing those settings.

What is a relay? The RLV permissions in your viewer are inactive until they are called by a scripted object you own. The relay works to “translate” calls from objects you don’t own through the relay, which you do own. It’s a handshake between scripted objects and the RLV permissions in your viewer.



Requires scripted objects to send a request before applying restrictions.


Allows objects to apply force sit automatically without a prior request. Sends a request to apply restrictions.


Turns the relay off.

Auto (w/Blocks).

The relay is on auto but includes a blacklist.

Auto (w/oBlocks).

The relay is on auto and has no blacklist.


When restrictions are enforced by an object through the relay, they may be lifted by pressing this button.

  • Helpless: When active, turns off the wearer’s access to the relay safeword.
  • Smart: Activates smart strip in the relay.


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