The OpenCollar Remote

You can get your OpenCollar Remote from your Social Partner Location – look for a box near the OpenCollar vendor !

The OpenCollar Remote is an HUD that lets an owner open and operate the wearers’ collars from his HUD.

When you add the Remote to an HUD point you get this image on your screen. This page will go through each icon left to right, top to bottom.

Remote Menu Gear

The gear icon at the top left opens the Remote menu where you can add, list and remove subs. To add a wearer you must already have access to the collar they wear. Public, group, Trusted and Owner access will each allow you to do through the remote what you can do with that level of access through the collar directly.

  • Selection Arrows
    The left and right arrows at the top of the Gear menu scroll through your list of subs in range to select them.
    ALL between the arrows selects All subs in range.
  • Add Adds a sub in range with whom you have collar access to your Remote.
  • List Lists the subs on your remote.
  • Remove Removes the selected sub from your remote.
  • Collar menu Opens the collar menu from the remote.
  • Rez Rezzes an inventory item from the remote. A leash post ships with the remote.
  • Layout allows you to customize the arrangement of the buttons on the Remote.

Short Cut Buttons

Stop Pose White Square

The white square icon, top middle, stops a collar animation.

Set Pose White Triangle

The white triangle icon, top right, opens the pose menu to select and enforce a collar single pose.

Rez Inventory Box

The box icon, Row 2 left, allows you to rez an item from the remote’s inventory such as a leash post (already loaded in the OpenCollar Remote) or any object you have edited into the contents tab of the Remote.

Unsit Sitting with Up Arrow

The seated figure with up arrow, Row 2 middle, forces the sub to stand up from an object or the ground.

Force Sit Sitting with Down Arrow

The seated figure with down arrow, Row 2 right, opens a menu of nearby objects upon which you can force the sub to sit.

Yank Chain link with arrow

The icon of a chain link with an arrow, Row 3 left, yanks the leash to move a leashed sub closer to you.

Unleash Broken Chain

The broken chain icon, Row 3 middle, unleashes the sub.

Leash Chain Links

The chain links icon, Row 3 right, Leashes the sub.

Titler Chat Bubble

The chat bubble icon, Row 4 left, opens the Titler menu in the collar. Works only if the sub’s collar has a titler app.

Lock/Unlock Padlock

The padlock icon, Row 4 middle, locks and unlocks the collar (owner only; others will get an “Access Denied” message)

Detach Figure with Pants

The icon of a figure undressing, Row 4 right, opens the collar “Detach” button in the RLV menu, showing a list of worn items that can be detached from the sub.

#RLV Folders Folder

The folder icon, Row 5 left, opens the #RLV Folders menu in the collar.

Outfits Shirt and Hanger

The shirt and hanger icon, Row 5 middle, opens the Outfits menu in the collar. This works only if the sub has set up an Outfits folder.

Restrictions Null Sign

The Null icon, Row 5 right, opens the Restrictions menu in the collar.

Bookmarks Bookmark

The bookmark icon, Row 6 left, opens the Remote bookmarks menu. You can make your own bookmarks and teleport subs without having to add the bookmarks to their collars; however it only works if you have the necessary access to force teleport with bookmarks, which is Owner and Trusted access.

Add Bookmark Bookmark Plus

The icon of a bookmark with plus sign, Row 6 middle, takes you directly to the Bookmarks terminal where you can add a name for your location and press Save to add it to your bookmarks; or add a slurl for a destination elsewhere, press Save, then name, then Save again to add it to your bookmarks.

Couples Animations Figures Embracing

The icon of two people embracing, Row 6 right, opens the Couples animations menu in the sub’s collar.

Collar Main Collar

The collar icon, bottom left, opens the sub’s collar main menu.

Select Three Heads

The icon of three heads, bottom middle, displays the profile pic of the selected sub, or the default three heads if All or None are selected.

Minimize Minus Sign

The minus icon, bottom right, will minimize the remote HUD menu. When minimized you see a small plus sign you can touch to bring up the full menu again.


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