Spy is an optional app that can be added to the collar or updater. You can obtain a copy of the Spy application at OpenCollar Headquarters at K-Bar West. You can compile it directly from the OpenCollar repository here.

Spy allows a collar owner to monitor certain elements of the collar wearer’s activities, even if the wearer is elsewhere on the grid. These activities include: teleport destinations, local chat, and the names of nearby avatars. Reports are sent to the collar owner at regular intervals, the frequency of which can be set in the application menu. Spy can only be activated with the wearer’s consent.

Installing Spy on your Open Collar

When you acquire Spy from the inworld vendor at the HQ, you will receive a notecard with some brief instructions and the spy app script itself, which is called oc_spy . Click that script and select “copy to inventory”. It should go to the “scripts” folder. Once that’s done, unlock your collar if it’s locked, right-click your collar and select edit. You can do this while the collar is being worn. Go to the contents tab in the edit window, find the oc_spy script in your inventory, and drop it into the “contents” tab. Close the edit window. Your collar will then restart. Once the restart is complete, open your collar menu and click the Apps button. You should now see Spy as one of the available apps. If it is not there, go to Settings and press Fix. Once Spy is visible in the menu, it’s time to configure it.

Configuring Spy

The first step in configuring Spy is to assign a collar owner…who’s not the wearer. Almost nothing in the Spy app settings is configurable by the wearer, even if they are also listed an owner on the collar. Neither can Trusted, Group or Public access the Spy app settings. They are reserved for non-wearer owners. When an owner who is not also the wearer clicks the Spy button in the menu, they are presented with the following settings:

  • Rate… : This adjusts the time interval (in seconds) that the sensor looks for the wearer and makes a report back to the owner.
  • Range… : This adjusts the distance around the wearer that the Spy app searches for nearby avatars. Maximum range is 20.

The remaining four buttons in the Spy menu are on / off checkboxes, again, only selectable by the non-wearer owner. These are:

  • Trace: Sets the Spy app to track the location and teleport activity of the wearer, and reports this back to the owner. If the owner is offline, they receive an activity report when they log in.
  • Radar: Sets the Spy app to report to the owner any avatars standing near the wearer. The distance it checks is configured in the “Range” menu.
  • SubChat: Sets the Spy app to record and report to the owner anything the wearer ( and ONLY the wearer) says in local chat.
  • AttChat: Sets the Spy app to record and report to the owner anything the wearer’s attachments say in local chat.

Note that whenever the owner activates any of the Spy app functions, the wearer receives a message in local chat: “ Spy App is active! “ . This message is also posted when the wearer logs in while wearing a collar with Spy activated. There is no message in local when the owner de-activates any Spy app functions.

Removing Spy

The Spy app functions can only be turned off by the collar owner (NOT the wearer-owner). To remove Spy from your collar, unlock it, right-click your collar, and select “edit”. Find the contents tab, and then scroll down to find the oc_spy script. Right-click the script and delete it. Your collar will re-boot after a few moments; when the reboot is complete you need to relog to clear Spy from the Apps menu. If your collar is welded, you will have to turn off RLV and restart ypur viewer. It’s not possible to edit a locked or welded collar while RLV is on. _________________
Documentation by Trinkitz and Silkie Sabra


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