The Main Menu contains the collar lock and links to all the functions in the collar.


The Collar lock prevents / allows detaching the collar. It is available only to collar owners. It does not affect collar access. Wearers who have OwnSelf checked or who have not set an owner are owners and can lock or unlock their collars. Owned wearers without OwnSelf checked can lock but cannot unlock their collars if they are using RLV.


On / Off When set on, allows anyone to Capture the wearer by taking their leash and gives them an access level similar to Trusted. “Risky” toggles wearer permission. Capture On/Off cannot be overridden by the wearer when set by an owner.

Escape The wearer can end a capture event by using the collar safeword (Default RED).

In addition to Trusted access, the Capture function applies the Refusetp exception. The wearer’s viewer automatically accepts tp offers when he or she is leashed by the Capturer.

[prefix] capture on
[prefix] capture off
[prefix] capture info on/off – turns on or off the recurring chat broadcasting the capture mode
[prefix] capture release – releases the sub from the current capture.
[prefix] risky on/off – turns on and off wearer permission.

The remaining buttons each go to their respective menus; press the links below to read about each.