The Main Menu

The Main Menu contains the collar lock and links to all the functions in the collar.


The Collar lock prevents / allows detaching the collar. It is available only to collar owners. It does not affect collar access. Wearers who have been added to the Owner list (see Access), or who are owners by default because an owner has not been set, can lock or unlock their collars. Owned wearers who have not been added to the owner list can lock but cannot unlock their collars if they are using RLV.

Once the collar has been locked, a Weld button appears in the main menu. Setting Weld will remove the lock button from the Main Menu, leaving the collar locked with no option to unlock. To reverse a weld, either apply an unwelder or reset the scripts in the collar.


This menu is for other items that link to OpenCollar via the AddOns API. Currently OpenCollar distributes and supports the OpenCollar AO, the OpenCollar Remote, and the OpenCollar AddOn Cuffs as AddOns.
Addons template here

The remaining links each take you to the respective menu accessible from the Main Menu.

Other Menus

  • Access – controls and adjusts who can access the collar.
  • Weld – Welds the collar. Unweld is controlled by an external rezzed object or HUD.
  • Animations – controls single and couples animations, links to the AO, Antislide
  • Apps – Standard, Optional and Custom Applications internal to the collar.
  • Leash – controls taking, releasing, and passing the leash.
  • RLV – controls RLV restrictions, exceptions, folders, and relay.
  • Settings – controls printing, saving, and loading saved settings. Adjusts the size, position and appearance of the collar.
  • Help / About – for collar help notecards, license, and updating.


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